Hi! I’m Chad. Thanks for stopping by my Hockey Blog!

I am the father of 4 wonderful young men.

I started this blog after I was laid off from a Marketing Company. I was a web developer there and email marketer. I decided to use my experiences and build my own hockey community. My Goal is to post tips and tricks for the youngsters and for the parent, articles to help keep their sanity along with training aids and equipment reviews.

Kids learn more than just a sport or sportsmanship when they start playing ice hockey. Most will gain a passion for the sport and friends for life. I know I did, when I started ice hockey a long time ago in a galaxy far far away. LOL  In the coming months I am going to chronicle my two youngest sons journey in a fascinating world that I started when I was their age.

I hope you will enjoy this journey as much as I will!

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Thing 1 in green is 12 and loves to play forward. Currently is feeling that practices are boring. (I have to work on that)

Thing 2 in white has decided to be a goalie. (He really doesn’t know how hard that position is but Im looking forward to teaching him all about it. )

What We AREN’T

If you were looking for a website telling you how to be a perfect parent… You didn’t find it. I am not a perfect parent, pretty close but not perfect LOL. Just ask my boys. I am just here to tell you that being a parent sometimes means experiencing things without knowing what to do, letting love and humor get you through. For those other times, we recommend a sturdy goalie helmet.


All The Best,


PS Keep your stick on the ice!

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