Don Cherry’s view on Hockey parents.

Don Cherry's View on Hockey parents.

So my dad introduced me in the world of hockey when I was very little. He would take me to the local semi-pro team and that is where I fell in love with the game. As I was looking around the internet for things to inspire me on this blog I stumbles across a YouTube video about this same idea that I am sure my Dad had when he was getting my first set of equipment. I want to share that with you as a proud hockey parent this week. &...

Why I am starting this hockey blog.

A Hockey Blog Start for his Kids

So some people may ask "Why I am starting this blog?" There are tons of other tips and how toos' for hockey kids out there why should I follow this blog? For me its about sharing my view of hockey with my boys.  Its not about "helping" them to the NHL as some parents are thinking they are doing for there kids (now I am not saying that is everyone out there, other wise we would not have the NHL LOL),...